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Logo Joelette Adventure

Joëlette Adventure

Go for a hike with our all-terrain wheelchair.

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Logo Joelette Emotion

Joëlette Emotion

Enjoy the hike without effort thanks to its electrical assistance.

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Logo Joelette Finisher

Joëlette Finisher

Opt for its three wheels and its manoeuvrability for all your errands.

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Logo Joelette Kid

Joëlette Kid

Take part in a race or a hike with your little ones.

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Logo Sofao


Thanks to its four floats, it provides the sensation of a real swim.

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Key figures

French know-how

We have our own production facility in France.

Products exported worldwide

Our products are sold in many countries.

Patented products

Our entire product range has been tested and prototyped extensively. The Joëlette range is protected by patents.

Export countries
Joëlette sold
Years of experience

Our range

About us

Joëlette And Co by Ferriol-Matrat is a range of sports and leisure equipment for people with disabilities.

More than 170 years of industrial know-how

Our products are manufactured by our parent company, Ferriol-Matrat, founded in 1849.

Constant development of our products

Our design office works every day to improve our products.

Exclusive manufacturer of the Joëlette

Today we are the only manufacturers of the Joëlette in the world.

One goal

Promoting inclusion and making nature sports accessible to all!

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