Every year in October, thousands of runners take part in the Paris 20 km race. For the 45th edition, on 8 October, a large number of Joëlette and their teams were at the starting line, to enable a person with a disability to take part in the race with a wheelchair.

Whether in a classic Joëlette monoroue or a Joëlette Kid, everyone took up the challenge with their own running chair for people with reduced mobility.
This year, Joëlette And Co is expanding its range of racing chair for people with disabilities. Available from October 2023, the Joëlette Finisher will be your ideal companion for taking part in a marathon with a wheelchair.

Specially designed for running, its three wheels give you stability and manoeuvrability on roads, cycle paths or greenways. Its handlebars and adjustable footrest adapt to each user for the best possible comfort during a race or marathon with a wheelchair.

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