WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF JOËLETTE 2015- Retrospective | Joëlette and Co

Once again, the number of particants has grown strongly during the 9th edition of the world championship of Joëlette, which took place on Saturday, 16th of May 2015 in Fouras (Charente-Maritime Region), France. Indeed, 74 Teams were at the starting line.

There were mostly teams from all over France, but also from Switzerland and Spain. Even a team from the island “Reunion” was among the participants.

Like last year, there were three categories : femalemale and mixed

The competitors showed an excellent performance. The winner team “Team Adeline” needed only 48 minutes for the 10 km distance. The last team came in 40 minutes later, still happy because of having made it. Anyway, the main reason for attending at this run is participation itself and spending a good time together among friends.

The 10th edition of the Championship of Joëlette will take place next year on Saturday, 7th of May 2016. Next time, we will meet in Rochefort hoping to achieve 100 teams.


Photos 2015

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