The brand Joëlette and Co

« Joëlette and Co by Ferriol-Matrat » is the range of adaptive sports and recreational equipment manufactured by Ferriol-Matrat whose main activity consists of industrial subcontracting in tube processing.

 Ferriol-Matrat decided to put its technical skills at the service of a new objective: promote sports and recreation for people with reduced mobility focusing on inclusive outdoor activities.

It is also a community website dedicated to information sharing.

Why Joëlette and Co?

and COmpany: the ‘star’ of our range is the Joëlette, surrounded by other products: SOFAO, BISKI et PULKA.

and COmmunity: all activities with the Joëlette and our other products promote sharing values, social exchange and solidarity between able-bodied and mobility-challenged people. It is this community that we want to bring together through this website.

…and COmpany/COrporation: Joëlette and Co is an entity of FERRIOL-MATRAT: it is a real passion for us, and our long established company is sincerely committed to this range.

…and COnnected: Joëlette and Co, always connected to the users.

Joëlette and Co, listening to you and sharing information.

Joëlette and Co works in close association with its users and promotes their activities in a special calendar of events, press review, blog and social networks…

We also include our users’ experience in our research and development by taking into consideration their opinions and observations on our products.

Thanks to this collaboration and the spirit of the community, Joëlette and Co has become a major player in the conception and distribution of adaptive sports and recreational mobility solutions.

The adventure
Joëlette and Co

Shared values

The team