Shared Values

At Ferriol-Matrat, producing and distributing sports and leisure equipment for all is meaningful. We feel committed to our customers for the common values we share.

> Making dreams come true

Giving access to sport and leisure for all is our dream: we are working hard every day to make this dream come true, thanks to our industrial know how and our worldwide distribution.

> Allowing sport and leisure for all

Promoting sport and leisure for all through outdoor activities in order to helps disabled people to build up their confidence and resilience.

> Making Nature and Culture accessible

Discovering our cultural and historical heritage and the great outdoors is becoming possible.

> Creating social connections

Facilitate integration by creating social ties through sport and nature.

> Enhancing solidarity and challenging oneself

Promoting adaptive sports activities and thus creating a higher and positive awareness about disability issues, based on mutual aid and sharing.

> Ensuring innovation of products

Producing innovative products which are secure and performing, focusing on constant improvements.

> Ensure the long term existence of our production

Make sure that our users will be able to continue their activities in the future thanks to our company sustainability.

> Offering well-being

Always keeping in mind that the promotion of Joëlette and Co means activating and sharing moments of happiness.

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The adventure
Joëlette and Co

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