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    In order to better meet your expectations and ensure a constant improvement of our products, we invite you to respond to different polls:

    POLL – Event


    “Our Canadian partner “Réseau Autonomie Santé” would like to participate in an obstacle race in the province of Quebec (Canada) in 2016, with several teams of Joëlette.

    Who is willing to cross the Atlantic and to participate? Of course, this kind of project needs time, energy and a certain budget, but it also gives the opportunity to discover this beautiful country while using the Joëlette. “

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    Poll – New Products

    Bar for runners

    More and more users are now running with the Joëlette during marathons, races and trails! In order to facilitate handling of the Joëlette, some of you are running with two front guides, instead of one. Some of you are using a bar which enables to run both sides of the front arms. Joëlette and Co wants to propose such a bar as an additional option.

    Height: 92 cm Length of the bar at each side of the Joëlette: 15 cm

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    Give your comments on the evolution of our products

    Being a member of the Joëlette’s community means sharing one’s experiences and adventure, but we can go further: participate in the product development!
    As the exclusive producer and distributor of adaptive equipment, we want to have your opinion. Without actually revolutionizing everything, we would like to give you the chance to participate in innovation and co-construction.
    Thus, in the form below, you can send us your suggestion for improvement which we will study carefully.


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