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For many years now, there has been a growing community organizing activities with the Joëlette, but also the Sofao, the Biski and the Pulka. This community is promoting our equipment in a spirit of sharing and solidarity between disabled and able-bodied persons.

For many years, you have created or participated in sports challenges or you offer access to the great outdoors for people with reduced mobility.

As the only producer of the Joëlette and the other adaptive equipment, we would like to highlight your activities by creating the “Joëlette’s Community” in order to:

• Share your activities and sports achievements.

• Announce all your events.

• Allow people who are discovering the Joëlette to find practice locations.

Share your activities with us and the rest of the Joëlette’s community!

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Whether you want to go to the top of the Kilimanjaro or just have a walk on a small hiking path, the Joëlette is a tool for freedom which enables to go to places up to now inaccessible with a classic wheelchair.

The users of the Joëlette, passengers and guides, are ready to face new sporting or human challenges.

Share these moments among the Joëlette’s Community: post your videos, pictures and comments!

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Are you organizing a run, a hike, an excursion or a trip? Do you need volunteers? You wish to boost your activities with the Joëlette? Fill out the form and we will announce your event in our calendar so as to keep the whole community informed.

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Whether exceeding the realms of the possible, creating a new adventure, organizing a sport event or offering moments of freedom with a smile on everybody’s faces…Many of you have a beautiful story to tell.

You would like to share your experiences with the other members? Just send us an email and tell us about your story and we will publish an article as soon as possible.

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Just send us the article or the link and we will publish it in our press-review!

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Joëlette’s celebrities

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Several French personnalities asnd celebrities, great ambassadors of the Joëlette!

“Discover the universe with the Joëlette”

Here are the three winners coming from Italy and Spain!