Joëlette Kid

Joëlette Kid, made for kids with a disability, under 30 kg, for hiking, trekking or running on any kind of terrains, even the roughest ones.

A conception studied for children

Very comfortable and secure, it has been imagined for children under 30 kg. It is very easy to handle and requires only one guide.
This all-terrain wheelchair provides you a comfortable seating and a support to practice hiking or running in all seasons


Course en Joëlette Kid Course en Joëlette Kid
Randonnée en famille Randonnée en famille
Randonnée enfant à mobilité réduite Randonnée enfant à mobilité réduite
Joëlette Kid pour les enfants à mobilité réduite Joëlette Kid pour les enfants à mobilité réduite
Cpurse en Joëlette Kid Cpurse en Joëlette Kid

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Thanks to its two single-track wheels, JOËLETTE KID can go everywhere, even in very rough terrains with the front arms option. It is also perfectly adapted for races or trails, even on difficult paths.
Its adjustable handlebar makes the steering easier.

  • Share outdoor activities with family, friends, associations…
  • Enjoy life together with strolls, hikes and a change of scenery.
  • Push the boundaries of possibility and surpass yourself with sporting and human challenges
  • Discover nature and new landscapes (mountains, natural parks, forests, trips abroad…)
  • Participate in races, marathons and adventure racing…
  • Discover the natural, historical and cultural heritage.

The seat

The seat offers a comfortable seating for your child, with its shape memory cushions.




  • Pair of front arms : ref. C10P128, for athletic hikes, on rough terrains, to facilitate the obstacle clearance, thanks to a second guide.
  • Complete harness : ref. C10P063
  • Umbrella : ref. C10P133, in case of rain or intense sun
  • Rear mudguard : ref C10P127, to avoid projections
  • Frame transport bag : ref C10P125, to easily transport the frame of the Joëlette Kid
  • Support for bottle: ref. C10P114, bottle holder + support – for bottle Joëlette and Co – to be screwed to the handlebar.
  • Bottle “Joëlette and Co”: ref. BIDON01
  • Footpump: ref C10P037 : ZEFAL brand
  • Headrest : ref C10P134, adjustable according to the size of your kid.
  • Seat transport bag : ref C10P126, to easily transport the seat of the Joëlette Kid
  • Pair of advertising supports: ref. C10P135, pair of advertising supports to be placed inside the Joëlette arms (in matte black PVC, with fixing system included).
  • Pair of stickers for advertising supports: ref. supports C10P138, pair of stickers 200X100 mm to be placed on advertising support – digital printing of the logo of your choice. Graphic service included for optimum layout on a black background.

options all-terrain stroller   all-terrain stroller


The frame

  • Aluminium trailing arms
  • Frame and subframe made of High Elastic Limit Steel
  • ATV shock adjustable in both preload and speed of rebound
  • 16″ and 12″ diameter aluminium wheels, Stainless steel spokes, Quick-clamping hub, Integrated anti-puncture gel/li>
  • Quick-release hub
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Hydraulic brake control
  • 160 mm diameter brake discs and hydraulic caliper

Front view:

stroller Joëlette Kid

Back view:

all-terrain stroller

The seat

  • Aluminium seat frame
  • Adjustable plastron
  • Backrest adjustable from 90° to 108°
  • Back and seat cushions with memory of shape
  • Powder-coated surface coating, polyester (white) and liquid paint + varnish (orange)
  • Footrest adjustable in height and tilt

Front view:


Back view:

all-terrain stroller

The Joëlette Kid, entirely foldable

  • Foldable within 5 minutes
  • Easily transported as it fits in any car trunk.

Dimensions of the folded Joëlette Kid:

Dimensions of the folded frame:

  • Height: 53 cm
  • Length: 74 cm
  • Width: 29 cm

Dimensions of the folded seat:

  • Height : 11 cm
  • Length : 49 cm
  • Width : 37 cm

Dimensions of the unfolded Joëlette Kid :

  • Height: 1.03 m
  • Length: 86 cm
  • Width: 62 cm
  • Weight: 12.2 kg

option stroller Joëlette Kid

option stroller Joëlette Kid

Maximum size of the passenger

Passenger size Joëlette Kid


Our user’s guide contains all the recommendations, advice of good practice and security rules.

Download the Joëlette Kid instruction manual here .


Distribution policy

Metropolitan France

We sell directly to the end user in order to be in permanent contact with the Joëlette’s community.

Contact us to get further information, prices or an offer. Please note that we have a fixed price policy so as to treat every project on an equal footing.


Contact us to get the details of our exclusive distributor.


In general, we sell our products directly to end customers. Please contact us directly for any information you may need or for an individualized offer.

In some countries, we do have distributors/resellers. Please contact us to get more details.

If you wish to become our distributor/reseller, feel free to contact us to get information about our sales conditions.

Conditions of Delivery – Delivery Time

As a manufacturer, we do our best to always have our products, their accessories and spare parts in stocks.

The delivery time in France is 48 to 72 hours after receipt of the payment. For the rest of Europe, you can expect a delivery time between 3 to 7 days. Please contact us for more details on specific delivery times.

After-Sales Service

We are at your disposal for any question you might have concerning the use of the Joëlette. In the event you need spares, please contact us and we’ll provide the part asap.

Advice to finance your project

Project holders might find different possibilities of private or public financing such as public and local authorities, foundations, crowdfunding platforms, sponsors, fundraising associations, European funds, etc…

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• Your future activities
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3 – Helpful Funding Advice

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Erwan L.

I was very surprised by the Joëlette Kid!

It is comfortable for the child, super easy to handle, very stable.

With only one pilot it is very easy to handle, even on rought terrains.

Thanks to its lightness and flexibility it is very easy to run with.



Marie M.

We were very happy with the use of the Joëlette Kid in the mountains with our son Léon. This allowed us to take him with us on certain walks where we could no longer go with him. He really enjoyed the Joëlette Kid outings. Even if he doesn't speak he was able to make us understand that he wanted to go for a walk taking us where we put the Joëlette Kid! Thank you all!     Joëlette Kid


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