Joëlette TWIN with two wheels for more stability

The Joëlette TWIN for hiking or running on passable and flat terrains.

Push the limits with the Joëlette!

The Joëlette TWIN is an all-terrain two-wheeled chair that enables any people with reduced mobility or disability, children or adult, to get involved in hiking excursions or running activities with the help of at least two guides.

Just like the one-wheeled Joëlette, it is manoeuvred by two guides, one in the back who handles the balance and one in the front who controls the traction and gives the direction.

The lateral balance makes this model more stable and easier to handle. It is ideal for running or hiking excursions on rolling terrains (greenways, asphalt, passable tracks… The pantograph, a patented trim correction system, enables to overcome obstacles like holes, bumps, roots and slight cross-slopes. A removable third jockey wheel brings extra balance.

Especially designed for family outings, but also for more intense sports and recreation, the Joëlette TWIN enables the access to many outdoor terrains so far inaccessible with a classic wheelchair.

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With the Joëlette TWIN, enjoy sport and nature all together:

• Share outdoor activities with family, friends, associations…
• Enjoy life together with strolls, hikes and change of scenery.
• Push the boundaries of possibility and surpass yourself with sporting and human challenges
• Discover the nature and new landscapes (mountains, natural parks, forests, trips abroad…)
• Participate in races, marathons and adventure racing…
• Discover your natural, historical and cultural heritage.

Two types of practice with the Joëlette TWIN

Walks and hikes

The Joëlette TWIN lets you share nice strolls with your family and friends on less difficult grounds.

Should you wish to have access to all type of terrains, you could use the one-wheeled Joëlette or the E-Joëlette with electrical assistance..

Runs, marathons, half-marathons

There are now countless sporting challenges organized with the Joëlette such as the World championship of Joëlette, the Belgian criterium and the participation to the most famous marathons such as Montréal, Paris, New York, Sydney, and Stockholm… These initiatives enable disabled people to live the adventure of races and other sport competitions.

The Joëlette TWIN is especially adapted to this kind of activities since keeping the balance is very easy due to the two wheels. The runners take turns more easily.

Who are the members of the Joëlette’s community?

Joëlette's community members


Headrest: ref. C10P103: Headrest supplied with fixing system.

Secure 4-point harness: ref.C10P119: Pair of removable straps for passenger harness. To be clipsed onto the original belt for optimum chest support and attached on the backrest. For passengers who have difficulties to hold themselves upright. Also suitable for kids.

Right/left panniers : ref.C10P058 : Possibility to store little items during excursions (bottles, cards, repair equipment, camera….)

Armrest extensions: ref.C10S033 2 extensions to put the armrest 5 mm higher (for tall passenger higher than 1.90 m)

Pair of side handles: ref C10P107 : Side handles to be fixed to the backrest frame in order to help the guides.

Storage bag : ref C10P106 : Storage bag for the complete Joëlette (included as standard equipment for the classic Joëlette and e-Joëlette). Caution: the TWIN kit won’t fit in the bag. However, you can use it to transport and store the Joëlette’s frame and arms.

Embroidery on the storage bag : ref SOUSFLOC01 : customisation of the storage bag with printing of the logo or text of your choice

Footpump: ref C10P037 : ZEFAL brand

Carrycase: ref.C10P054: Made to measure to stow away and transport the Joëlette and its accessories. Fitted with reinforced plate, carry-handles, 2 caster wheels and 2 guide wheels. Very useful for transport in the car boot or baggage hold for air transportation. The carrycase is initially designed for the one-wheeled Joëlette. The TWIN kit won’t fit in the carrycase.

Pair of advertising supports: ref. C10P111: Pair of advertising supports to be placed inside the Joëlette arms (in matte black PVC, with fixing system included).

Pair of stickers for advertising supports: ref. supports C10P115 : Pair of stickers 200X100 mm to be placed on advertising support C10P111 – Digital printing of the logo of your choice. Graphic service included for optimum layout on a black background.

Repair kit: ref. C10P156: bag containing three tyre changers, a puncture-proof spray, patches, glue and one inner tube

Bottle “Joëlette and Co”: ref. BIDON01

Support for bottle: ref. C10P114: Bottle holder + suppport – For bottle Joëlette and Co – To be screwed to the handlebar.

>> See the new options of the “Black edition” in details.



The one-wheeled Joëlette kits, with or without electrical assistance, can easily be assembled to the Joëlette TWIN’s frame.


According to the type of excursions, you can switch between the one-wheeled all-terrain model and the two-wheeled model.


The all-terrain one-wheeled version!

Thanks to the one-wheeled kit, upgrade your Joëlette TWIN so as to go on any kind of trails, even the roughest ones.

Technical specifications:

– Aluminium wheel, stainless steel spokes, downhill mountain bike hub Ø20.

– Disc brake Ø203.


The electrical version to save your efforts!

  • It facilitates the use of the Joëlette and supports the guide on long excursions or strong slopes or in case of heavy passengers.

The e-Joëlette kit provides electrical-powered mobility aid enabling the passenger to partner friends and family on effort-free hikes. Adaptable to all Joëlette’s frame, the built-in accelerator offers progressive acceleration climbing up to a top speed of 6 km/h.

It enables you to hike battery-powered for between 2 and 4 hours depending on the climb.

Charge-up time is around 3 hr, with each battery pack delivering 1,500 to 2,000 cycles. Furthermore, the system switches automatically to freewheel whenever the electrical power delivery is off.

The kit features swing shaft, spoked wheel with disc brake, brake calliper plus bracket, accelerator, controller, battery pack and battery charger.

Technical specifications: 

– Gear-reduced brushless wheel motor with freewheel.

– 24V, 15Ah LiFePo4 battery pack

– Controller specifically engineered for the Joëlette.

– Rotary accelerator.

– Ø203 type-BB AVID disc brake

Download the assembly sheet

Download the product sheet


– Aluminium wheel, stainless steel spokes, downhill mountain bike hub Ø20. separateur-orange– Disc brake Ø203
separateur-orange– Rear support jockey wheel for an extra balance. separateur-orange– Pantograph: patented parallelogram-linkaged trim correction system separateur-orange– Hydro-pneumatic shock absorber for an optimum comfort.separateur-orange– Adjustable footrests and headrest for use with both adults and children (headrest in option).
separateur-orange– When stationary, the Joëlette stays stably planted on its three-way extendable legs with anti-sinkage discs.
separateur-orange– Easy transfer from the wheelchair by removing one arm of the Joëlette.separateur-orange– The folding just requires one tool delivered with the Joëletteseparateur-orange– Frame in mechanically-welded steel tubing, some of which are in sturdy yet lightweight High Yield Strength steel.separateur-orange– Surface-treated (polyester powder coating), special resistant to UV.separateur-orange– Adjustable rear handlebar.separateur-orange

Delivered with the Joëlette :

– Traction harness for the front guide

– Extra harness for a third front guide

– Key for the folding/unfolding

– The storage bag is not included as the Joëlette TWIN does not fit in it

Storage and folding of the Joëlette TWIN

Foldable within 5 minutes, with just one tool delivered with the Joëlette TWIN.

For space-saving storage and easy transport, the TWIN kit can be removed from the Joëlette’s chassis.

Dimensions of a folded Joëlette’s frame: Height : 13 cm – Length : 92 cm – Width : 28.5 cm

Dimensions of the TWIN kit (without the removable jockey wheel): Height: 51 cm –  Length: 70cm – Width: 50 cm

Dimensions of an unfolded Joëlette Twin : Height: 1.20 m – Length: 2.4 m – Width : 0.64 m

Weight: 35 kg


Our user’s guide contains all the recommendations, advice of good practice and security rules.

Download the Joëlette instruction manual  here (valid for the classic Joëlette, Joëlette TWIN and e-Joëlette).

Have a look to our video with all the folding and unfolding instructions !

Purchase guide

Distribution policy

Metropolitan France

We sell directly to the end user in order to be in permanent contact with the Joëlette’s community.

Contact us to get further information, prices or an offer. Please note that we have a fixed price policy so as to treat every project on an equal footing.


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In general, we sell our products directly to end customers. Please contact us directly for any information you may need or for an individualized offer.

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Conditions of Delivery – Delivery Time

As a manufacturer, we do our best to always have our products, their accessories and spare parts in stocks.

The delivery time in France is 48 to 72 hours after receipt of the payment. For the rest of Europe, you can expect a delivery time between 3 to 7 days. Please contact us for more details on specific delivery times.

After-Sales Service

We are at your disposal for any question you might have concerning the use of the Joëlette. In the event you need spares, please contact us and we’ll provide the part asap.

Advice to finance your project

Project holders might find different possibilities of private or public financing such as public and local authorities, foundations, crowdfunding platforms, sponsors, fundraising associations, European funds, etc…

Please find hereafter some hints to present your project:

1 –Presentation of your association/organism
• Introduction
• Administrative and judicial structure
• Status

2 – Presentation of your project
• Description of the origins of your project (why do you have this project, why this equipment, why are you interested in adaptive sport and leisure)
• What is your target? (Associations, organisms, family, members, individual user)
• Your future activities
• Sustainability of your project

3 – Helpful Funding Advice
• Partners (current, contacted, anticipated)
• Financing which you may have already obtained
• Budget estimate of your project


Leonardo Paleari – Il cammino Possibile

“I use the Joëlette TWIN with untrained groups who are not familiar with the use of the classic one-wheel version of the Joëlette, always making sure that it will only be used on adapted terrains, that is to say on small open trails, free of stones and slightly inclined laterally. Both, passengers and guides found the Joëlette Twin quite comfortable and easy to use because it doesn’t need particular attention for keeping the balance. Indeed, the lateral balance of the Joëlette TWIN really reassures the two guides. They can concentrate on the back and front balance which is essential in order not to get tired as well as to the comfort of the passenger. On the other hand, a small intersection of salient stones might be sufficient to block the TWIN so that we are obliged to carry it. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the trip beforehand to make sure this kind of situation does not occur. Indeed, it is possible to carry the vehicle in case there are stoned sections but should there be too many, the in “Joëlette twin” becomes more of an obstacle than a support compared to the standard model. You just need to choose the adequate version, single or double wheeled, according to the type of excursions."

Giuseppe Padovan Italy

"This year we have used the Joëlette TWIN as a group during a race but also during hiking excursions in the mountains or hills. We practiced on all kind of terrains: asphalt, stone paths, earth grounds, grass, rocks, mud and sometimes snow. Last year, we notably participated to the “Mezza Maratona del Brenta ». We use the Joëlette in particular with Daniel “Lele”Marcon. He is tetraplegic because of Multiple Sclerosis. He is able to sit on the Joëlette during two hours and finds it quite comfortable. It allows us to change the guides even without having to stop during the races. We also explored very very difficult trails and we had to be seven or more to push while climbing!”

Association St James’ friends France

"Every two years, we use the Joëlette during a 17 days pilgrimage on the way of Saint James. We have a Joëlette Twin for touring on suitable ways, green paths and roads with slight inclinations as well as asphalt roads. It is more comfortable for the passenger and easier to handle. In particular, for tor female assistants located in the back who realized that keeping balance is easier due to the jockey wheel demanding less efforts. Inclinations are well equalized, stability and handiness are easier. On paths which are in good condition, the Joëlette TWIN can be handled by only one guide."

“WALLOON FEDERATION of Sport for Disabled people” Belgium

In general, we use the Joëlette Twin on asphalt during our 10 km races. The passenger is more at ease and assured due to the better balance. He just needs to get used to fact that the Joëlette bends in curves. Compared to the single-wheeled chair, there is a higher facility to keep the balance and it is quite more comfortable when using it on asphalt By the way, curves should be taken with a higher range than with the single-wheeled one." "We use our Joëlette Twin for walks and races.

Yannick CALLEY – MDPH 90 France

It is comfortable and reassuring to the passenger and easy to pilot. Compared to the single wheel one, the Twin gives more stability and balance and it is also easier to find guides. On the other hand, there is a lesser choice of possible routes since you need to find larger paths and also it is more difficult to transport in a car because you can’t remove the wheels."

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