Events in Germany (April-June 2015) | Joëlette and Co

In order to promote the Joëlette in Germany, we went to two events, one in Berlin and one in the countryside of Palatinate.


Each year, Berlin’s Johannesstift organises the Run of Spirit. This year more than 3000 runners participated in different runs :  starting from 400 m up to 10 km distances. “Sports for all”, once again, was this year’s motto. Handicapped and non-handicapped persons, different religions and nationalities. Runners besides people in a wheelchairs, walkers together with blind people, runs for families and friends having all a lot of fun together.

The Joëlette was used by the sportsclub “Inklusiv” of the Johannesstift, in order to promote the idea of sports for all.


The Natursportopening 2015 on April 26th marked the new outdoor season at the center of nature in Palatinat in the region of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. Several activities such as runs of different length, nordic walking or even tai-chi were proposed to the public.

Several visitors used the opportunity to have a test ride on the Joëlette or the Joëlette Twin.

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