Discover the Joëlette “new generation” | Joëlette and Co

In compliance with our users’ requirements and observations, Joëlette and Co launches the Joëlette “new generation”. Its new functionalities and characteristics make it unique and innovative.

Its enhanced technical capacities ensure an optimum comfort and safety for guides and passengers!


Enhanced safety

 – New transfer system, safer and more convenient for a better stability during transfers (suppression of the back stands and modification of the front footrest).

– Seat at wheelchair height to facilitate transfers of the passenger on the Joëlette, alone or assisted.

 – Hydraulic brake with polycarbonate disc protection.

Optimized ergonomics and comfort

– Gripping handle on the backrest.

– Cushions with new fixing system and waterproof material.

– New adjustment system of the foot bars.


These new characteristics have also been integrated to the Joëlette TWIN and e-Joëlette.

More videos and information here.

Joëlette and Co team also propose you this presentation video with 3D images.


Available in the classic, Twin or electric version!

Do feel free to contact us for any further information.

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