In order to promote the Joëlette in Germany, we went to two events, one in Berlin and one in the countryside of Palatinate. Each year, Berlin’s Johannesstift organises the Run of Spirit. This year more than 3000 runners participated in different runs :  starting from 400 m up to 10 km distances. “Sports for all”, once again, was…

Once again, the number of particants has grown strongly during the 9th edition of the world championship of Joëlette: 74 Teams were at the starting line of this inclusive and joyful race!

L’association à but non lucratif « Joëlettes sans frontières » a organisé son 3ème Critérium International de la Joëlette le dimanche 7 juin 2015 à Marche-en-Famenne (Belgique), dans une ambiance conviviale et décontractée !

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