SOFAO: amphibian chair for swimming-pools

Ideal for recreation in public or private swimming-pools, whether or not equipped with a specialized access system.

The SOFAO is an amphibian chair allowing to get in and out of the water safely. Only one transfer in the locker room is necessary, since the SOFAO is also a shower chair.

The guide slips the Sofao into the water by letting it roll along the pool wall. For the heaviest sit-swimmers, one guide at the back and one guide in the pool can gently slip the bather in and ease them back out afterwards.

Four adjustable floaters allow total immersion up to the shoulders with multiple positions, enabling the passenger to be totally autonomous once into the water.

The SOFAO is lightweight with just 15 kilo which makes it easy to handle. It is also entirely foldable for an easy and space-efficient storage. You can roll it while folded and easily transport it in the trunk of a middle-size car in order take it everywhere.


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The Sofao allows you:

• to take a shower, alone or assisted

• to enjoy a real bathing, being immersed up to the shoulders.

• to move in the water with simple movements.

• to dry off and sunbathe.

• to choose your level of immersion thanks to 6-positions floaters.

• to get into the water progressively, whatever the type of pool: overflow pools, with access ramp, slipways, steps, edges (less than 10 cm), or with no specialized access system.

Public Pools are now able to offer aquatic activities to persons with reduced mobility without major investments beforehand, such as transfer systems, lifts…

Discover also the SOFAO for:

– Bathing and relaxing at the beach

 Re-education and balneotherapy at the swimming-pool




Front roller for swimming pools

Grey rubber roller with brake. Metal parts in stainless steel. Mounted on SOFAO with a 6mm Allen wrench.

Mounts onto the nose to help the guide handle and move around in swimming pools, poolside tiling or concrete surfaces. Features a brake for parking during transfers.


separateur-orangeMultiposition head-hugger


CARACTERISTIQUES 2-Piscine 1-Piscine
– Weight : 15 kilos – One dimension: adapted to children from the age of 5 and adults – High quality and corrosion-proof materials: structure in anodized aluminium and electropolished stainless steel. – Batyline fabric (ultra-resistant material) – 2 adjustable straps to hold the upper body – 2 adjustable straps to stabilize the lower body



– Easy folding/ unfolding thanks to a cable system



 Foldable armrests for an easy transfer


13 Space-efficient: easy storage, fits into a medium-size car boot


14 6-position stabilizer-floats to regulate the level of the water



6-position reclining backrest for an optimum comfort (sitting to lying position)


6-position reclining backrest for an optimum comfort (sitting to lying position)


Download instructions for use here.


Distribution policy – France & Export

For the Sofao, we sell directly to the end user but we also work with resellers. Contact us to get further information, prices or an offer.

If you wish to become our distributor/reseller, feel free to contact us to obtain information about our sales conditions.

Conditions of Delivery – Delivery Time

As a manufacturer, we do our best to always have our products, their accessories and spare parts on stock.

The delivery time in France is 48 to 72 hours after receipt of the payment. In the rest of Europe, you can expect a delivery time between 3 to 7 days. Please contact us for more details on specific delivery times.

After-Sales Service

We are at your disposal for any question you might have concerning the use of the Sofao. In case that you need spare parts, feel free to contact us and we will provide the part as soon as possible.

Helpful Funding Advice

Project holders might find different possibilities of private or public financing such as public and local authorities, foundations, crowdfunding platforms, sponsors, fundraising associations, European funds, etc…

Please find hereafter some helpful tips to present your project:

1 –Presentation of your association/organism • Introduction • Administrative and juridical structure • Status

2 – Presentation of your project • Description of the origins of your project (why do you have this project, why this equipment, why are you interested in adaptive sport and leisure) • What is your target? (Associations, organisms, family, members, individual user) • Your future activities • Sustainability of your project

3 – Financing of the project • Partners (current, contacted, anticipated) • Financing which you may have already obtained • Budget estimate of your project

You can download the following pictures in order to build your file.


Isabelle RAMEL

Our Lili has tested your Sofao, she is very happy with it and so are we because we think it is very well studied. Lili can go in the pool safely we are reassured and we don't regret this purchase.

Fabien G. sport educator at the » Centre Médical Infantile » of Romagnat

By coincidence, we have learnt about the SOFAO on the internet. We were looking for a multi-functional equipment since our institution welcomes disabled persons from the age of 6 to 20 years having all different special needs. The price was one of the most important factors of our purchase decision. Ferriol-Matrat was very helpful and allowing us to test the SOFAO on our premises.

We were quite surprised since the SOFAO is lightweight and easy to store. Once at the pool, we found a product easy to handle. After two hours of testing (floatability, manoeuvrability…) with heavy and light children, we were convinced of the usefulness of the SOFAO. Delivery time was very short and the commercial department very proactive. We are now using the SOFAO several times a week in our pool. The young people really rediscover the leisure in the water. The other pools in the surrounds are also welcoming us gently, which increases our social contacts outside of our center and allows us to discover new sites. Next summer, we will visit the lakes of the Auvergne. Just one thing: we had to modify the straps since our smallest ones were not tall enough for the SOFAO. However, it’s a product intended for a “large” public.

Nicolas R., 20 years old, resident of the » Centre Médical Infantile » of Romagnat

The SOFAO allowed me to rediscover the pleasure of being in a pool. I am glad they let me use the SOFAO. It’s really awesome! I even can take a shower with it. I can move around and play with my friends. I never thought that one day being in the water would make such fun.  

Antoine, 18 years old, resident of the same centre (opinion of his mother who came to see and test the SOFAO)

When the sport educator told us that he could take Antoine to the pool and that he would « swim » all by himself, I could hardly believe it. I went to the pool to see it with my own eyes. Our son told us that he found this wonderful. In the centre I saw how simple it is to handle the SOFAO. I understood why Antoine was in heaven. If we could we would get us a SOFAO also, but at the moment we need to renew Antoine’s wheelchair.

Sébastien J. Medial Psychological Assistant, at the “Centre Médical Infantile” of Romagnat

It’s really a great pleasure to be in the pool together with the kids. They are less restricted with the SOFAO and we are can realize our treatment easier. We can even let them have a shower with the SOFAO. I’d recommend this product.


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