BISKI FMS: sitski chair

The pleasure of skiing open to all with the BISKI FMS!

BiskiFMS is a stable yet agile-handling bi-ski which requires a pilot skiing on his/her own skis.

Everyone can use it, children and adults, whatever the disability.

Ready to tackle most ski slopes according to the partner’s own skill level, it uses chairlift-type lift facilities. It is advised to follow the learning curve (with lessons from ski instructors) to make sure you ski safely.

The sit-skier can start slaloming by creating a side-on imbalance, by dropping an arm or tipping the head, the sit-skier can get involved as much as their disability allows them.

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The Biski-FMS allows you to:

• get involved in group activities with family, friends, associations, etc.…
• explore hitherto inaccessible outdoor spaces
• enjoy high-adrenalin experiences
• actively participate in where to go, his sit-skier can get involved as much as their disability allows them.



Deep Winter Slipcover – Ref. C10P011

Cover made of isolating wool. Protects the passenger from the cold. Width. 700 / Length 1800 / Thickness 4MM Colour dark purple.


• Frame in mechanically-welded steel tubing, plus anti-corrosion treatment (oven-cured double-coated paint
• Pantograph enabling the passenger to edge
• Seat foam covered in sponge leather with elastic webbing suspension
• Height adjuster for the pilot
• Safety Harness tethering pilot to the Biski FMS
• Adjustable footrest
• Delivered with a pair of Rossignol skis
• Length : 1,63 m – Width : 0,56 m – Minimal Height : 0,96 m –Maximal Height : 1.20 m
• Weight : 29 Kg
• Homologation Number : AVMH_783_08_A


Download our manual (in French)


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After-Sales Service

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